aka The Rezzurection of
ADDRESS: 4215 N 16th ST #11 PHOENIX, AZ 85016
(602) 277-2323
Mon-Fri 11am-7pm

History of GUNS-R-US and Postal Plus

GUNS-R-US was established in 1995 (4215 N 16th St Phoenix, Az), it eventually became known as “GUNS-R-US and POSTAL PLUS” in 1997 (4409 N 16th St Phoenix, Az). The store was sold in 2000 and soon after went out of business. I reopened the store in 2005 and renamed it “REZZ GUNS and CHRISTIAN BOOKS”. The long name of the Store is, “The Rezzurection of Guns-R-Us” (“Rezzurection” was intentionally misspelled). Since I now own the rights to both names, I frequently advertise the store as, GUNS-R-US (aka REZZ GUNS).

Additional Interesting, but useless information about GUNS-R-US

“GUNS-R-US and Postal Plus” was once voted the Best Name for a business in Phoenix by “New Times Magazine” in 1998. It was also named the “Most Dangerous Store In America” in an Arizona Republic front page article in 2000. There have been numerous comments about GUNS-R-US on local radio, TV, in the papers, and on the internet. Pictures of the store have been found on several sites on the net. Many people have sent pictures of the store to “Jay Leno and David Letterman”. The local Phoenix Radio Station, KNIX (Tim and Willy), once held a remote broadcast of their morning program at my store in celebration of “National Postal Workers Day”. While most everyone took it in good humor, I did receive a veiled threat from one U.S. Postal Worker with the words, “People have been known to get ‘hurt’ for lesser stunts”!!! I chose to ignore his threats and nothing ever came of it,,,,, in fact I received several positive comments from other U.S. Postal Workers – they loved it!

Novelty Pens!

For purposes of nostalgia, I still have available, for the exorbitant price of $1, a store novelty pen that says, “GUNS-R-US and Postal Plus, 10% ammo discount to all Militia Members and U.S. Postal Workers”
(PS – the pens don’t seem to write very well now)