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$20 Transfers

$20 per handgun or long gun. Just give us a call and we can have a transfer arranged in under 3 mintues.
Major 602-488-2667





Is your gun worth significantly more than you can currently get? Sell your Gun on the Internet & through our store. It doesn’t cost you anything to try and it is Safe, Easy and Hassle Free. Just fill out a “Consign Form”, and we will give you a receipt from our Store. You can watch your Gun on-line at any time of the day- And when it sells, we send you your money. That's it! We handle all the Paperwork, Legal Issues, S&H, Credit Cards, Checks, Emails, Transfers & Internet Advertising.

For each gun we charge 17% of the selling price.



Down payment depends on how long it will take you to pay it off, whether it is new or used, the ease of availability of the gun, price of the gun, etc… $50 will usually be a sufficient down payment for a 30-45 day layaway plan.

If you later decide that you do not want the firearm you put on layaway, we will refund you your money or give you credit towards another gun in our inventory.



Special Orders
We provide our customers the option of ordering their guns or accessories on Special Orders. Once a Special Order is requested (in person or by phone) we will then check with each of our wholesalers to determine the best price, then we will contact you with our offer. In most cases we will give you a price quote on same-day,,, and if not, the proceeding day. We often try to price match other stores.
Major 602-488-2667